Character Bios


Midnite X

[ Cassandra Lewis ]

Age: 115+
Birthday: February 1893
Birthplace: New Orleans, LA
Occupation: TV Horror Host
Favorite Colors: Black & Red
Favorite Book: Dracula
Favorite Movie: Dracula
Favorite Food: Blood
Favorite Quote: “Pleasant Screams...”
My favorite songs

  1. Ain’t No Sunshine
  2. Running with the Night
  3. Dancing in the Dark

Born in 1863, Sandra Peters was once a waitress who worked in the French Quarter. She’d worked late one evening and was preparing to leave for home. Being concerned for her safety leaving at such a late hour, her employer offered her a guest room above the establishment but she refused.

After leaving she only remembers the feeling of being watched then followed. By the time she reached Bourbon Street the feeling was overwhelming. Then it happened... A form flashed in front of her grasping her and pulling her down a dark alley. When she awakened she could not remember her name or where she was from. It was the beginning of a new day. The person who was once Sandra Peters had disappeared. She had gone from life to death to become the undead. She was now Midnite X.

She now hosts a one-hour television series from Chicago where she and her friends at “City Urban Theater” enjoy the best (and not so best) in contemporary horror and suspense films.

[ Shanara Fornett ]

Age: Never ask a lady!
Birthday: October 12th
Birthplace: Crilla, Illa
Occupation: Boutique Owner
Favorite Colors: All of 'em!
Favorite Book: Raw Head, Bloody Bones
Favorite Movie: Partyline
Favorite Food: Fried Chicken
Favorite Quote: “Oh, no he di'nt!”
My favorite song: "Haunted House "

Midnite’s movie-going companion, Shaniqua Forne' (that's French) is a true late night movie lover.  For Shaniqua, going to a late night screening is an event. She owns a designer boutique in a strip mall on Chicago's West side  where she hopes to someday open a beauty shop and movie rental store. She considers her wardrobe to be “coordinated” from her hair to her shoes.  She is prone to outbursts during a movie, especially when something scary or outrageous takes place.

Other than a handsome man she has one weakness... Fried Chicken (fried hard, mild sauce, dark meat with lemon pepper). Midnite and Shaniqua always sit together at the theater. Though they have become good friends, Shaniqua has no idea that Midnite is a real vampire.

[ Voice of Rickey Williams ]

Age: Unknown
Birthday: October 31st
Birthplace: Unknown
Occupation:Sugar Daddy & Film Critic
Favorite Colors: Anything eerie!
Favorite Book: The Skeleton Key
Favorite Movie: The Screaming Skull
Favorite Food: Perch (has no bones)
Favorite Quote: “You'll never get ahead”
My favorite song: "What's goin' On? "

Midnite's uncle is a talking skull that shares her mausoleum.  Boris, being older and a product of the blaxploitation era, is a bit eccentric and often rambles when speaking with his niece, Midnite.

He often appears at the beginning and end of the show, delivering some wise-crack at either Midnite or about the night’s film presentation. 

Boris may also add his two-cents during Movie Bites, the film review portion of the show or while reading viewer fan mail.

Though she's unaware of it, Boris has a crush on Midnite's friend, Shaniqua. Though he's never met her in person he saw her once when Midnite snuck him into the theater to see his favorite movie, "The Screaming Skull". After that it was love at first site!



  • Sometimes brings her 1-year old baby to the theater.
  • Often incorrectly "knows" an actor in the film.


  • Makes attempts to record the movie on his camcorder
  • Often sells copies of films that haven’t been released


  • Makes frequent trips to the restroom
  • Always enters and exits the aisle the long way


  • Obnoxious cell phone may ring during the movie
  • Calls his friend “Kwan” to talk about the films


  • Rambles and argues with other patrons
  • Sometimes forgets where he is and falls alseep


  • Always arrives late with his wife, Mrs. Late
  • Notorious for carrying drinks, nachos & popcorn


  • Always forgets “something” (i.e. salt, napkins, etc.)
  • May ask “What happened?” when she arrives


  • "Stoner" always seems to be high on "something"
  • Loves to say , “dude”, “pump your brakes” & “far out”